Want to get the most out of your American Advertising Awards entries? Take a look at our tips and tricks to help get you started. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our organization and we will gladly help you.

Now, on to the good part:

First, one of the most important things to remember is “DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL OR IRREPLACEABLE ARTWORK”. It will not be returned. Also, each Element of Advertising entry must include a sample, showing how the element was actually used.

All Entries Must

  • Meet all eligibility and deadline requirements.
  • Be entered in the correct category and be correctly identified.
  • Include a completed and signed invoice/manifest form.
  • Conform to defined submission requirements.
  • Conform to all copyright laws.

How to Enter

  • Read the Rules and Categories document on the online portal.
  • Decide what you’re entering in what categories, then register your entries online using the AAF’s secure website. You will need to create a user name with your email address, fill out the contact information and then complete the entry form once for each entry.
  • Assemble your entries as indicated in the Rules and Categories document – see pages 4-5 (page 9 of the student version).
  • Print out your manifest form after all entries are registered. Sign it and bring it with your physical entries.
  • Print out TWO copies of each entry form from the “My Entries” tab (click “Print” at the far right of each entry line item). Affix a copy of the small entry label (at the bottom of the printed form) to each of TWO hard copies of the actual entry. Place both hard copies of your entry in a large, clear envelope.
    • NOTE: Professional digital entries do not require hard copy submissions this year. See page 5 of the Rules and Categories doc for complete details.
  • Adhere a copy of the entry form to the front of the envelope and place a second copy inside. If you are using clear envelopes, just keep the entry form on top so it’s visible from the outside (no need to adhere a copy on the outside).
  • Bring your materials—along with a printout of your manifest form from the registration site—to the Call for Entries drop-off location. Please pay for entry fees ahead of time online (and bring a printout of the confirmation) OR plan to bring a check when you deliver your entries.
    Drop-off Location: Future Design Group, 2300 E Pass Rd Suite B, Gulfport, MS 39507 on January 8, 2020 from 4:30-7:30pm.

Invoice / Manifest Form

After filling out the entry forms, you will be required to sign an Invoice/Manifest Form, listing all of your entries. This form states that by signing below you:

  • Verify that the above information is accurate.
  • Acknowledge that proper rights were obtained for use of any elements of the entry that were not original.
  • Agree to submit documentation deemed necessary for review.
  • Release the entry for Internet, broadcast and/or print (allow reuse of material).
  • Verify that the entry was created within the local area of the competition.

What Not To Do

  • Do not enter a project that took place outside of the timeline for this competition. The awards for this year will be based on last years work. So, don’t enter the previous year before that or this current year.
  • Do not show up on Deadline Day with entries in hand and say “How do I do this?”.
  • Do not mount your entries on illustration board.
  • Do not leave slates on your broadcast entries.

Online Entry Tips

  • Start early!
    • You can add and/or delete all the way up to the deadline.
    • Do NOT finalize your entry until you are ready to submit. Once finalized it cannot be changed or edited.
  • Check spelling.
  • Remember, the information in the system will be used for the Winners’ Book, Show Reel, Winners’ Certificates and Press Releases so it is YOUR responsibility to make sure it is correct.
  • SAVE after every page.

General Tips

  • “To win it, you need to be in it.” That’s right, folks. If you’re waiting for the ADDY fairy to grace you with gold, you’ve gotta enter work.
  • Don’t forget the I in those ROI categories. “Judges like to know the cost of the investment to know if it was a good return.”
  • Don’t try and alter the work. “Seasoned judges can sniff that out.”
  • Take the time to make sure you enter the work in the right category.
  • And while we’re at it, why not enter it in more than one category? “Many times I look at a piece and think ‘Wow, the illustrations are ADDY worthy, I hope they show up in the elements category so I can give them the props,’ because the current entry is not ADDY worthy.”
  • But, not every category. Quality not quantity, folks.
  • Leave your company name off the boards, please. In order for judging to be unbiased, your name really shouldn’t be slapped on the front of it.
  • That means leaving slates off the broadcast entries, too.
  • “On complicated pieces, consider submitting a short explanation video of what it is. This works particularly well for esoteric entries like mobile, guerilla, and/or event marketing.”
  • Take a second look at the newer web categories. “Enter smart to get the gold.”
  • Give credit where credit’s due. “Nobody likes the d-bag that leaves people off or takes credit for work they did not really do.”
  • The work NEEDS TO BE REAL and NEEDS TO HAVE RUN. There have been winners in the past who were later found to have violated this policy. Don’t make us get awkward, guys. It’s not fun for either party.

Copyright infringement and/or plagiarism (be it intentional or unintentional) will result in the disqualification and, if applicable, removal of awards from any entry deemed in violation. All entry fees will be forfeited.