AAF MS Gulf Coast Shirley Guice Silver Medal Award Call for Nominations


In 1959 the American Advertising Federation established the Silver Medal Award Program. The program was established to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advertising industry.

Each year, local chapters of AAF bestow this award upon an outstanding member of their local advertising community. These individuals are not required to be members of AAF but fall within the criteria outlined on the attached nomination form.

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If you would like to nominate an individual for this award, which will be announced at the AAF Mississippi Gulf Coast American Advertising Awards Virtual Show, please submit the attached form and corresponding information. All nominations are due by 5pm on Thursday, February 16, 2023, by email to aafmsgulfcoast@gmail.com. Following a review of the nominations, a winner will be chosen by our Silver Medal Award Committee.

Please join us in helping to recognize those members of our local community which represent and embody the spirit of our industry.

Here is a list of our past Silver Medal recipients:

Shirley Guice

Bill McQuillan

Francisco Gonzales

Reed Guice

Bob Lima

Darryl Breckenridge

Ted Riemann

Jim Jenner

Laura Hasty

Debbie Turner

Allen Jenkins

Steve Singleterry

Peter Petro

John McFarland

Craig Carpenter

Morgan Dowdy

Rip Daniels

Stevie McCain

Denise Ladner

Bonnie Blackledge

Christie Fountain

CeCe Shabazz

Tonya Spiers

Jeff Harrison

Deanna Douglas

Gretchen David